Elaine Cogan’s How To Talk Wins Powerful Endorsement

Elaine Cogan’s new book, How to Talk To (Almost) Anyone About (Almost) Anything: Public Speaking for the Non-Public Speaker won a great endorsement recently from someone who should know — Debra Dunn, President of Synergy Resources Group.  Here’s what Debra had to say:


“If you’re professional who is tasked with making persuasive public presentations, then this book is a must have,” offered Debra Dunn, “With concise instructions and clear guidance, it showcases the breadth of Elaine’s knowledge and experience that she has gained since starting her consulting firm in the 1970s.”


Thanks to Debra for her support!  Get your copy of How To Talk to (Almost) Anyone in print, Kindle or e-reader.  YCT group cover

Just a few of the testimonials for How to Talk To (Almost) Anyone

When you get your copy of Elaine Cogan’s new book, How to Talk to (Almost) Anyone About (Almost) Anything: Public Speaking for the Non-Public Speaker, you’ll read some amazing endorsements on the back — not surprising given the legions of high-profile professionals that Elaine has taught, coached, interviewed and collaborated with over her decades of experience.

Here’s just a few:

I have been fortunate to know Elaine for nearly four decades and have always appreciated her sage counsel on how best to communicate clearly to a wide variety of people. Simply put, Elaine is a wizard when it comes to the magic of public speaking.

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, D-Oregon



Novice or experienced speakers: we all benefit from Elaine’s succinct and valuable advice.  She’s an expert in the craft of communications.

Henry “Chip” Lazenby Jr.  Attorney, JD, MBA


For years, thousands of citizen and professional planners reading the Planning Commissioners Journal valued Elaine Cogan’s tips on how to most effectively communicate with a variety of audiences.  In How to Talk to (Almost) Anyone about (Almost) Anything, you’ll have Elaine at your side as a practical, resourceful, and reassuring guide to mastering the art of public speaking.

Wayne Senville, Editor, Planning Commissioners Journal

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