What is Wise Fool Press?

Leading or supporting deep, meaningful change in your community… well, it’s hard work.  Old answers don’t work, new answers are still fuzzy, colleagues and residents don’t get it, and bosses can be… well, you know.

After  years of  dinking around the edges, we know it’s time to marshal the forces to make the changes our communities need.  But to do that, we need three things:

  • Toolkits to help us do the day-to-day things better;

  • Understanding of the Trends to see where the future might be leading us,

  • and perhaps most importantly, Wisdom and bravery to undertake that hard work — and the encouragement of knowing that we are not alone.

The Wise Fool Press is designed to give you those three types of fuels — quickly, efficiently, and through the platforms that makes the best sense for you.  We bring you deep thoughts and practical tools to help you navigate, and to help your community ride the waves of change. We don’t believe in magic bullets, and we don’t believe in selling snake oil.  What  we do believe is that we need to figure out better solutions.  And that we’re  in this together.

What’s with the penguin?

You know, to be accurate, it’s a Fat Penguin Floating Majestically Over Toledo.

This little gem, drawn by illustrator Barry Gott, showed up in an early edition of the Wise Fool newsletter.  And I can’t think of a better symbol:

The Impossible becomes Possible.  It’s not necessarily graceful, and it might look downright goofy, but the Impossible becomes Possible.

And as the Wise Fool name implies, a little awareness of our own silliness probably isn’t a bad thing either.

You can check out Barry’s commercial illustration at barrygott.com, and his line of charming city drawings at smalltower.etsy.com

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