Gentrification White Paper

This white paper was prepared for two reasons:

  1. Carlos Chacon Cupello of Kratos Experiences and I gave a session on using innovative public engagement to ease conflict over gentrification at the National Main Street conference in March
  2. At almost exactly the same time, the illustrious Mark Barbash was teaching the first session (I think, ever) on gentrification to a training sponsored by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

Mark and I had discussed the topic and we knew what the other one was doing, but we intentionally didn’t tell each other what we were going to do until afterward.  When we did talk, we found that we had converged in an interesting way:

We had both concluded that talking intelligently about gentrification required admitting what you don’t know and talking in diverse groups to try to identify solutions.  

In my session with Carlos, we used Kratos’s new K2 group problem-solving method to simulate what might happen if people from all of the sides of a gentrification conflict were able to problem-solve together.  A conference session is not exactly a real-life duplicate, of course, but it gave the participants (and Carlos and I) some insight into the human dynamics that turn development proposals into gentrification fights, and how those might be avoided, or at least lessened.

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