Do You Have something that Wise Fool Press Could Help You Say?

We’re looking for a few special authors or authors-in-waiting who have something important to say to urban planners, economic developers, government types, community volunteers and people who care about making their communities better.  We’re looking for interesting, useful  and cutting-edge writing on

Tools:  practical how-tos for doing the work of making communities better

Trends: insights into how the world is changing and how people who care about their places can help them ride those waves

Wisdom: deep thinking about core fundamental issues, like the overlooked changes in the foundational assumptions we are making every day about how people live and work together.

You don’t have to be a published writer, or even think of yourself as a writer.  If you have something worthwhile to say, we can help you say it –and get your words in the hands of the people who are making a difference.  Most of our authors are not previously published authors — they’re people who are passionate about an issue and they have something unique to say about it.

We value direct speakers and straight shooters. We don’t public academic-speak, boring bureaucratic passive-speak, or writing that doesn’t give a glimspse of the soul behind the words.  We know that a lot of us have been taught to write about our work that way, and we think that’s part of the reason why great ideas don’t make the impact they should — boring writing doesn’t get read.  We’ve fought that battle ourselves, and we will guide you in developing your own clear, compelling voice.

So…Is that you we’re looking for?

Let’s talk….

Send a note with your ideas, and a link to your blog or other writing, if you have it, to